Tuesday, April 14, 2015

__________________________ MARCEL KALMA _________________________

"Geometry Triptych" - Acrylic on Canvas 1020 mm high x 2450 mm wide
Marcel Kalma 
Marcel Kalma currently teaches art on Auckland's North Shore. He is also a practicing Yoga Instructor. He uses glazing of oil paint as a way of building up translucent layers of texture and colour. Often these layers are within boarded areas or geometrical shapes. His works are oil on board or canvas. Finding a balance and harmony in relation to space and proportion is sought. Forms have been constructed through intuition rather than by any formulae or scientific structure. 
Marcel studied art at Manukau Institute of Technology and Elam School of Art.

"I think of my works as landscapes that verge on abstraction. They are not somewhere we recognise but may evoke a sense of place. Are we leaving somewhere behind or about to go forward to somewhere new? Equally they may evoke a mood or emotional state. Colours and mark making often associate us with past experiences. I plan to create works that may encourage contemplation. Influenced by the Old Masters technique of glazing, these works are layered in oils. Each layer must dry before the next is applied. This means decisions in the process of painting are not preplanned but created in the moment. Through colour, transparency and mark making I endeavour to create works both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking."

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