Thursday, March 5, 2015


People who are not fully enlightened have only one use for a peg - yep, you got it.
But when you are not quite two years old and your mind hasn't yet been corrupted by the imperatives of a system that feeds peoples minds to the industrial corporates conglomerates that are conspiring to destroy the world you find some interesting uses for a peg.

First you learn to open it and watch it snap shut - that's exciting. (Exploration stage).
Then you attach it to your finger, find it painful, yell to grandad and get it removed.
Grandad then has a peg attached to his finger, he yells very loudly, because he knows about this stuff and takes a wider and more expansive view of experimentation and knows that solidarity amongst protagonists pushes the boundaries of confidence. Out of earshot of his young protegee he would be called a cunning old bastard.

This is a wise move by the C.O.B. Solidarity and standing staunchly together in the peg trenches evokes a plethora of 'pegging' ( Pegging with intent stage).

A peg is pegged to a towel hanging on the line.

A peg is pegged to the young peggers T-Shirt.

A peg is pegged to the young peggers shorts.

A peg is pegged to the young peggers sun hat.

A peg is pegged again, with sound effects to his and grandads fingers. (Return and practise stage).

Handfuls of pegs are thrown from the clothes basket trolley all over the lawn, as the full pure exhilaration of interfacing with pegs is celebrated. (Celebration stage).

Pegs are very carefully attached to various things around the back yard - toys, chairs, bucket, spade, grass, grandads shirt, the bottom of grandads shorts, grandads finger again (what loud music and sense of power), plants in plant pots, large green thingies that poke through the fence from next door and plants in the garden. (Mastery stage).

We then sing the peg song:

"Twinkle twinkle little peg,
twinkle twinkle little peg,
twinkle twinkle little peg,
twinkle twinkle little peg,
twinkle twinkle little peg."

Yep, shipmates that's correct, the size of the font indicates the volume.

When he is older and can talk at a level above his current wonderful, marvelous Proto - Language we will have a big adventure together working on the lyrics to the peg song. Experiences need to be worked on and developed over time, that's part of the fun.

Shipmates, I just love being a grandad, best job in the world.


Kate said...

What a lovely peg. I mean post.

Ben said...

Looks and sounds familiar. Being a father is not so bad either.

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Kate. There may be more Peglets, I mean Posts, born from this first Peg, I mean Post.

Alden Smith said...

You are quite right Ben, being a father is not so bad either. The advantage of being a grand parent is what is called, "All care without the ultimate responsibility", which in practical terms means having lots of fun and then sending them home to their parents LOL.