Wednesday, March 18, 2015



Ben said...

This must be one out of thousand pictures, so exceptional: Milford Sound without clouds. I like the atmosphere of clouds with some sunrays peaking through more.

Alden Smith said...

I do understand how many photographs especially of high tourist appeal can look like what is called "Chocolate Box" pictures. These photos are bright and clear rather than "atmospheric". One has crystal clear clarity, the other involves the character of the local weather.

What I liked about this photo was that it was taken from the cool shade of the surrounding trees and I can see the wind rippling the water in the distance.

This Fiordland region is though characterised for the bulk of the year by clouds, rain and high winds.
There is a famous photograph that shows a large waterfall falling from a high cliff in one of NZs fiords during a big storm - all the water is blown upwards by the wind and disappears as mist into the surrounding sky. I will do a Google search and see if I can find it.