Tuesday, March 24, 2015

______________________ ANIMATED WEATHER ______________________

This would be the best real time weather animation I have ever seen. This photograph really doesn't do the animation justice, you really have to see the moving image. I used it a great deal during Super Cyclone 'Pam' that hit the East coast of New Zealand a couple of weeks ago. The New Zealand Herald newspaper also used it and a similar image to the one above was used during this stormy time on its front page.

I have an icon link on my desktop which takes me directly to this site and I find it very useful. During Cyclone Pam I found it very accurate indeed. One of the interesting features is that you are able to forward the real time feed you are getting in 3 hourly intervals which gives you a predicted pattern - great if you are watching a possible destructive storm and need to know its possible direction.

The image of the Earth is manipulated in a similar way to how its done on Google Earth. It doesn't take much time to become proficient. I highly recommend taking the time to go to this site and get yourself set up with a powerful weather watch on your computer.

- Click on the image of earth to rotate it.
- Use your fingers on the touch pad to enlarge.
- Click the letters in the lower left hand corner to obtain the map key / tool bar.
- Click the word 'English' for an English version of the key.

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