Monday, February 16, 2015


I guess one face change begets another. I think that the new format is an improvement for a number of reasons. I am now able to post YouTube videos and photographs without size issues and other complications. The typeface is now black on a white background which I feel is an improvement on the old arrangement of white text on a blue background. The new arrangement I feel is crisper and more readable.
Hope you like the new look Shipmates.

(The reason why I have such a satisfied smile on my face is that am crewing on Steinlager 2 in an Auckland Anniversary Regatta day race. Steinlager 2 is owned by the Auckland Maritime Trust. Day sails and longer are available to the public and trust members for a relatively modest fee - I got more than my moneys worth!) 


Kate said...

Aye Aye!

Alden Smith said...

.... That's what I was saying to the skipper as I winched sails all day... but what a day!

Ben said...

Like the change! Good that you let the archive part in. I like to go back now and then. Still a few gray hairs forever young?

Alden Smith said...

"Still a few gray hairs forever young?" Ben you are sooo diplomatic!

I am 64 this year - reconditioned heart and a dickey knee - but the spirit is strong - and I have the determination to make more than just a mere metaphorical long journey in a small boat.