Monday, July 28, 2014

An Important Video

No one except evil psychopaths are happy with the wars and man made disasters that blight this planet. But it is good to always remember that the evil that often dominates the news every day doesn't represent the human goodness that exists within ordinary people everywhere. I think that we can celebrate this fact without ignoring these heart breaking tragedies. People of good will can stand in solidarity and sympathy for the victims and their families who are dealing with these unspeakable crimes. But in seeking justice we must never demonise or dehumanise anyone.


Ben said...

Good video. Last week we spoke Vika again. In view of what happened in Ukraine, she worried that Dutchmen think now that all Russians are evil.

Alden said...

Yes, and of course all Russians are not evil. The reality is that all of humanity has the potential for evil. I hope that in the country I live in great evil never becomes a choice or the desperate result of circumstance.