Sunday, June 8, 2014


'Dark Matter' is the unknown reality (It is there but we can't see it or find it) that when accounted for in mathematical models of the universe allow the mathematicians sums to add up. They don't know what Dark Matter is but acknowledging its existence is very useful in astronomical theoretical terms. Of course at any time someone may have a Galileo moment and a fundamental law of physics may well be stood upon its head which basically means we will have to think again - by 'we' I mean the pointy headed ones.

I sometimes think that synchronicity is the 'dark matter' that binds the human interrelatedness aspect of the cosmos together. Let me explain.

Here are two good friends of mine, Ben and Renee from Kerk - Avezaath in The Netherlands. A couple of years ago they came to New Zealand and completed a camper van journey around the North and South Islands. They visited Christine and myself here in Whangarei and I took them for a sail on the good ship Mariner on Whangarei harbour. Ben was very keen to go for a sail, so we took the opportunity and seized the day.
There was a gentle breeze, Ben proved to be a good helmsman, Renee looked relaxed and very much in holiday mode and I know they both enjoyed themselves. I hope they journey again to this part of the world, they are two lovely people.

Bens interest in New Zealand began at the age of 12 years when he read a Dutch edition of Johnny Wrays classic book 'South Sea Vagabonds'.

Bens first contact with me was in response to a blog posting I made about Johnny Wray and his good ship Ngataki.

Recently Ben has been in contact with Greg Ansley who had been approached to write the Foreword to a new edition of Johnny Wrays book. Greg kindly posted to Ben scanned photographs of old newspaper clippings regarding the Ngataki and her adventures.

The synchronicity bit comes in here. Gregs younger brother is Euan.

Euan Ansley was my best friend at Central New Brighton Primary School. We were as thick as thieves together and as troublesome and naughty as any young fellas who thought it was their duty to make their after school activities an extension of Blackbeard's piratical Spanish main. I swear there wasn't a fruit tree within a mile radius of Euans house in Lonsdale Street that hadn't felt the sticky fingers of us two naughty thieving little buggers.

So...... out of the blue I get an email from Euan (whom I have been in contact with) who relates to me that his big brother Greg has had an email from someone regarding Johnny Wray and that the good man in question had mentioned my name in passing and that the emailer is none other than my good, good friend Ben from Kerk - Avezaath in The Netherlands.

Coincidence? - Full blown, unadulterated, one hundred per cent good old Jungian Synchronicity I say, and long may it grow and fill the cosmos with nice surprises. You don't have to understand 'Dark Matter' to enjoy its existence.


Ben said...

Hi Alden,
You mentioned Jungian Synchronicity, is it a coincidence that I liked the art form Magical Realism, especially in writing? In the sixties I read all the books of Hubert Lampo, a Flemish Magical Realism writer. In his books Jung and his concepts of Archetype pass by many times. I must have been very interested, because recently I reread one of his works and realized two things: 1. the language used is very difficult and elaborate compared to today’s language. 2 How is it possible that these heavy subjects could interest a young teenager.
Contacting Bruce was an intuitive, impulsive action, which brought me in contact with the work of a NZ writer. I am planning to read Gods and Little Fishes, to get familiar with your background.

Alden Smith said...

I would have to know what you regard as the coincidental event to be able to give an opinion as to whether I thought it involved synchronicity.
Jung relates an experience where he was talking to another person about a dream / myth / or story which contained a particular species of beetle. As they talked about the symbolic significance of the beetle, there was a heavy tapping at the window. When the window was opened in flew a beetle of the exact species that they were talking about - all of that would qualify as an event of synchronicity.

As to your interest in Hubert Lampo - 'Heavy subjects' as you say interest a lot of teenagers, especially if like you they are very intelligent, searching, developing, growing and widening their interest in the world around them.

Contacting Bruce as an 'intuitive, implusive action' considering the connections that it has revealed is very interesting indeed - I hope the universe keeps delighting us all in this way for the rest of our lives : >)

Marja said...

Oh that's great. I love experiences with synchronisity. I do believe that is has partly to do with our interconnectedness but maybe also interconnectedness with the whole universe as all conspires to make you bump into the right book, come across the same rare words like you are following a trail etc.

Alden Smith said...

Marja, thanks for your comment. Yes I think interconnectedness is at the basis of all this - I think that important coincidences that are beyond the realm of randomness and chance provide proof of a deeper meaning to the universe.