Monday, June 2, 2014


I took this photo at the Auckland Boat Show a few weeks ago. I used to sail one of these. It is an OK Dinghy. It was the pinnacle of my young sailing days. These boats are not just beautiful to look at (They make an International Laser class yacht look like a floating fridge door) but beautiful to sail - they move to windward like a huge soaring eagle and they run down wind like smoke.

This Ok is constructed of exotic materials - mainly fiberglass and kevlar. Mine was constructed of plywood. It was painted spinnaker red and had a glorious varnished deck as expansive as a Steinway piano. Now - without wanting to influence the future (yes, yes, yes, I secretly really, really, really want to)..... it would be rather nice IF ... and its an IF predicated on Moi finding himself with a new, large and expansive workshop (watch this space) ..... then after the restoration of my little Starling dinghy (God bless her little wooden heart).... fortune may wash up on my shores an Ok dinghy in much need of TLC and a thorough restoration. Sigh, so many boats, so little time.

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