Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Its That Time Again

Mariner has not been out of the water for a scrub and antifouling paint for over two years. There were a few barnacles and other marine growth on the hull but considering the time since the last haul out she wasn't in too bad a condition. I gave the cabin and deck a good clean and now begin some under the waterline repairs and paint before returning her to her natural element.


Katherine said...

Did it take long Alden?

Alden Smith said...

Hi Katherine and compliments of the season to you :>) - No, about a weeks reasonably easy work. I had some very minor repairs to the the fibre glass sheathing of the kauri hull and then a repaint with antifouling paint - nice work on hot days in the shade of Mariners hull - time for thinking about new years resolutions and the early dates on which they would be broken LOL.