Monday, November 18, 2013

Epitaphs (Click here for Link)

I am reading a book called "Loving All Of It" - 'Eminent New Zealanders Write About Growing Old' - Edited by Gordon McLauchlan.

Gordon McLauchan's own contribution includes comments about epitaphs. He writes:

"....... The headstone and the epitaph have lost ground, so to speak ..... The virtue of the epitaph is the brevity of its wit......" I think he is right.

Of the humourous epitaphs I have read I like "Never a day's illness and now this" and George Bernard Shaw's suggested epitaph for himself: " I knew if I stayed around long enough, something like this would happen."

For those who would like to do a Google search there are many epitaphs that embody a whole range of sentiment - serious, philosophical, religious and humourous.

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