Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aboriginal Tracker

One is obvious the other is not. "Yes," I hear you say, " The dopey cameraman had his finger over part of the lens; see, in the top left hand corner of the photo" - and you are right.

But the other is not so obvious - You would never see what it is even if you looked and looked and looked and looked and looked!

So I will tell you. The spinnaker pole is upside down! Yes, realio, trulio, its upside down. How do I know? - I know because I am an aboriginal tracker.
Everyone who holds close to their heart the wholeness of their passion is an aboriginal tracker.

Some trackers can tell upon the hoof, amidst tricky technical play the exact moment a football player is offside. Others are correct to insist that the orchestra should have tuned better to the oboes 'A' above middle C. Still others know about metre, rhythm and rhyme, plot and character, vintage and year - But moi? - well I know about spinnaker poles, storm jibs and a running compass fix - For I am an aboriginal tracker, a realio, trulio tracker - I see the clues laid across the natural pattern, the broken leaf and spore on sand and earth.

No matter what the weather - storm, calm, sun, wind, rain, snow or mist - We who hold close to our hearts the wholeness of our passion - we are trackers all, and we never loose our way.


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