Thursday, April 26, 2012

Third Rock From The Sun

Yes, there we are, third rock from the sun. If you look closely with a magnifying glass you might just be able to make yourself out (only if you are outside of course). Imagine, one day there might be Google Maps with Street Views of roads on other planets.

At Hikurangi School here in New Zealand we are studying Space / Solar System etc this term - Now that should be fun learning all the names of the planets! - but what about poor old Pluto? seems like its not looked upon as a planet anymore and has fallen from that Parthenon aka the official list (It seems that in terms of planets, size does matter). You can't turn your back for a second these days without someone changing or increasing the sum of human knowledge. Perhaps when we recite the list of planets we will whisper the word 'Pluto' so that it doesn't disturb the new world view. Pluto rocks I say, (5th rock actually, the others are gas planets) hanging in there out on the edge, held forever by the massive gravitational attraction of our warm and life giving sun.

No doubt our classroom will end up with planets made out of balloons covered with painted papier mache hanging from a wire strung across the classroom - planets for teachers to bump their heads on and for children to laugh at : > )

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