Thursday, July 14, 2011

Starry Night

Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh

POEM - For Alex

My Child - Star - you gaze at the stars
and I wish I were the firmament
that I might watch you with many eyes.

PLATO. 427 - 347 BC

Theo Jansen Kinetic Sculptor, Sub Creater?

Mankind has been described as 'sub creators', that is, if someone or something has created us, we in our turn are able to create both with our minds and our hands creations of our own - nothing new about that idea, nothing extraordinary about that either, but when I see creations like Theo Jansens I think about this fact.

Think about how the invention of the wheel has lead to the extraordinary sophistication of the motor car, the invention of optics have enabled us to peer deep within the universe, the invention of computers has given rise to robotics. Think of a simple humanoid like robot or the insect like sculptures of Theo Jansens. If we developed these inventions continuously over time and incorporated at some stage synthetically created biological elements, at what point in the exponential graph of development does the invention become a living thing? at what point may consciousness emerge? Do men and women, the sub creators, have the power to create consciousness? or is consciousness something that is outside of, separate from the sub creation?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blatant Resistance

On the 26th of June this year I turned 60 years old


I have a new scarlet coat and
I look like a fire engine
And I don't give a damn
One should grow old gracefully
Somebody said - I don't know who
But I've heard it all my life and
So have you well to hell with that
I refuse to grow old any way
But reluctantly and bold as brass
And when arthritis bites in all
My bones and sleep sulks outside
My bedroom window in the dark
I just toss and turn and scratch
And swear the hours away I'm not
Growing older - it's a stupid
Betrayal of bones and flesh
That makes me feel this way but

Look at me now with springs on
My heels and the wind in my hair
Any moment I'll start whistling
And might even dance you a jig
And stop all the traffic along the
Quay wearing my new scarlet coat
And looking like a fire engine

-- Bub Bridger