Tuesday, August 29, 2017

_______________________ BACK INTO THE WATER _____________________

Today 'Mariner' was lifted with great care by Mo the Trav-lift operator and placed gently back into her natural element. We ran the newly restored engine and found that that the water pump wasn't working. After pulling it apart the consensus was that a new pump is required. So 'Mariner' will be lying here at the Riverside Driver Marina until I can purchase a new pump and fit it to the engine.
Shipmates, I can hear some of you murmuring that God sent me a diesel engine of a particular character to help me to develop patience and you are quite right.....  quite right.

Despite all this drama, it was good to see the boat back in the water and see her floating in her characteristically buoyant manner.

 A well designed small yacht is like a small flower - beautiful.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Water pump aside - congrats!

Ben said...

Regarding the last sentence: Amen!

Hope you soon will be sailing again.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Steve - nearly there, phew!

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Ben, nearly ready for a sail!

Paul Mullings said...

Looks great Alden, a job well done.Just out of interest and knowing of your Starling sabbatical,I was wondering if you knew of any secondhand sails in your area? I am trying to find one to use on my Whiting 16 for fresh breezes rather than reef! Cheers Paul

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Paul.

Calibre Sails ph 094300388 and

UK Sails ph 094302801 here in Whangarei may carry some second hand stock

- and Stanley Marine ph 094384479 which is a second hand marine chandlery that I do know has a range of second hand keeler sails - they may have a second hand Starling sail

- other than that, there may be a Starling Yacht Web or club site with gear for sale or perhaps if you went to one of the Auckland Clubs with a Starling fleet that races on the weekends and asked around you may be able to pick one up.

Paul Mullings said...

Thanks Alden, some good advice there.