Monday, September 28, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 35

 Last coat of grey primer paint. Progress is a bit slow with the painting as I am making sure I give the paint plenty of time to dry in the cold temperatures. In the meantime I have been fixing up the alignment of the rudder pintles and gudgeons on the stern of the boat. Who ever was responsible for the original alignment must have been drunk at the time.
The grey primer was applied with a brush. I am using a small foam roller for the white undercoat in an attempt to get a better finish minus the imprint of brush strokes.
 First coat of  white undercoat. Painting is not my forte and the results never match my enthusiasm. I enjoy the job of painting but I am always a bit disappointed with the result. Unless the paint is sprayed on with a paint spray gun it's almost impossible to get a really smooth finish.
  Sanding the centerboard. The handle has been removed for repair. I have fitted this small vice to a low work bench. I am able to sit down at the bench as I work. Very pleasant when the weather is behaving itself.
The Venturi self bailer is finally permanently installed. There is a black rubber seal between the bottom of the bailer and the bottom of the boat.
Two of the rudder gudgeons holes at the bottom of the photo had to be filled and re-drilled. All the holes at the top of the photograph had to be filled and re- drilled - such is the detail that is required when trying to make a good job of restoration, and to get the rudder working correctly.


Ben said...

Can’t you hire a paint gun and do the last shiny coat spraying, to get the desired results?
Nice work to do the finishing touches.

Alden Smith said...

Good idea Ben, I will consider that option.