Sunday, March 18, 2018

____________ CANOE YAWL 'AUTUMN LEAVES' 2018 UPDATE ____________

Shipmates, you may remember a couple of raves (or is that rants!) regarding Chesapeake Light Crafts 'Autumn Leaves' canoe yawl designed by John Harris. I have posted about this little packet a couple of times here:


I have been wondering and searching online ever since the design became available for any photographs of a new build to this design. Then bingo, yesterday I received a comment from Al Stead on my 'Autumn Leaves' - Update story. Al encouraged me to take a look at his postings on the BYYB site. Al Stead is either an American or Canadian who I think lives somewhere in the Great Lakes area. I am only guessing this based on his postings regarding his build of 'Autumn Leaves' on the Back Yard Yacht Building site (BYYB) here:

The BYYB site is a free forum, but you have to register and get a user name and password to be able to view Als' photographs and read his narrative. It is well worth the small effort.

My heart soared when I viewed photographs of the build (there are a lot more on the BYYC site), because she looks even more interesting and enticing in three dimensions. I think she is a right little cracker of a boat and I am now more determined than ever to build a canoe yawl to this design some time in the near future.

Al Stead is aiming to get this little gem of a canoe yawl in the water in the next few months. I will be keenly watching Als' progress as he completes what I strongly believe is going to be a very capable shoal draft sail boat. In my book, this is truly a design that dreams are made of - and because of the relatively simple construction method those dreams are very accessible.

I think this little boat is a very worthy descendant in the Canoe Yawl tradition begun all those years ago by Albert Strange, George Holmes and members of the Humber Yawl Club in the UK in the 1890s.

I eagerly await her maiden voyage and an assessment of her performance under sail!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...time's a passin'... c'mon, get the orders in and start building! :o)

Alden Smith said...

Yes, the clock's always ticking - my thoughts entirely Steve. But I shall wait until she is launched and I can assess how she sails - how she stands up to her canvas on the wind in a very strong breeze will be interesting - I think she will fly downwind like smoke.