Sunday, February 18, 2018

____________________ INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM ____________________

 Fiberglass series 6 Zephyr sailing at Worser Bay 2016 - A series 6 would be a nice upgrade : >)

If the weather gods are kind to us we will be soon be sailing on Worser Bay in Wellington in the 2018 National Zephyr Championships.  My fellow Zephyr skipper Bernie and his partner Lyn started their journey down to Wellington today; Christine and I start our trek south tomorrow. The weather for the Wellington region doesn't look good at all - severe gales forecast for the next few days. I hope things have settled down by Thursday when the sailing begins. Yesterday I went for a practise sail on Parua Bay to make sure all the alterations and recent tweakings of things nautical on 'Slipstream' were all working well before heading south into combat. With Cyclone Gita influencing the weather over the coming week that combat may well become a war of attrition - watch this space.

Worser Bay Wellington in non cyclonic weather.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Break a leg...! (or rather don't... err, you know what I mean!) :o)

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Steve. I don't mind 'breaking a leg' in the thespian sense you are meaning, but I do want to avoid breaking my head in the literal sense in some ill judged gale of a wind gybe!!

Ben said...

Light winds on the 22 is still a possibility.:-)

Barubi said...

Airbnb have emailed us suggesting we check if our accommodation is still standing for when we arrive on Thursday. Anyone seen a block of flats flying over Lyalll Bay?
I know you rely on skill rather than luck, but we hope the weather allows you to fulfil Slipstream’s preparation.
See you on the water (maybe).

Alden Smith said...

Ben, arrived back today - there were no light winds on any of the days we raced - it blew like hell every day!!

Alden Smith said...

Barubi, didn't see any buildings flying through the air - but I wouldn't have been surprised if this did happen on the day before we left (Sunday); it blew 35 knots, gusting to 45 knots all day.