Thursday, January 4, 2018

______________________________ SCOUT ____________________________

Today I bolted on 'Scouts' name plate. I like the name 'Scout', it sounds purposeful and active. It has an eyes wide open feeling to it; a tugging at the anchor chain let's go sailing feeling.  I know without a doubt that admiring glances would be cast in 'Scouts' direction if she were to sail in company with Arthur Ransomes' purposeful 'Swallow' and 'Amazon' - no doubt about that at all Shipmates. All I need now (apart from rudder and sail) is a spy glass and a parrot.

After gluing on the splashboard alterations to 'Slipstream' and the nameplate to 'Scout' I pulled both boats as far forward in the carport as I could as a major storm is approaching Northland from the Tasman Sea. The whole country is in for a bit of a battering. While the storm is raging I shall read, meditate, and think about a name for the parrot.


Ben said...

Alden, I see the low pressure system on the Volvo Ocean Race tracker page. Quite a heavy storm already in Northland. It gave those 7 ships already a favourable southerly breeze along the Australian coast.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, I looked at the tracker page and I was able to see how the big storm raging over NZ at the moment is so big that the Volvo boats are able to take advantage of the high winds in the rotating storms north eastern quarter. The live information on the tracker page has average speeds of the yachts at around 18 knots - they are certainly flying!!