Monday, December 4, 2017

________________________ BLACK PAINT ___________________________

Today I painted my little cruising dinghy black. This coat is the first of two. It is 'two pot' paint (i.e. epoxy paint and hardener) and I painted it on with a high quality bristle brush. Despite this brushing strategy I have ended up with a few runs in the paint (I blame gravity). So instead of painting 'wet on wet' (within the three day cure time), I am going to let this coat go off until it is fully cured, then sand and apply the second coat with a roller. I am not after a perfect finish but I don't like runs in the paint.

The hull colour black in conjunction with a grey interior and a 'tan-bark' coloured sail is a traditional combination of colours. I have an old tan sail that I can cut up and use for the sail.

The photo (above) shows the rig I am hoping to make. It's a handy little lugsail outfit that when disassembled will lie flat inside the dinghy. I found this photo on the 'Bursledon Blog' site - Thanks Max.

The other job that occupied my time was drilling and fitting the new self bailers to 'Slipstream'. To get good access to both sides of the hull I had to lean the boat on her side vertically. All that is required now is a couple of coats of 'Everdure' preservative around the oblong holes in the bottom of the boat and I will fit the new venturi self bailers. I will then be able to join the Tuesday night racing series - something I have missed while being overseas for a couple of months.

My good mate and fellow Zephyr skipper Bernie came around today to see what I was up to and offered to machine up some new cedar floor battens and cockpit trim which will then tick the outstanding issues on 'Slipstreams' measurement certificate; leaving no obstacles in my way come registration and measuring day in February 2018 at the Zephyr Nationals at Worser Bay Wellington. The 'things to do' list continues to sort itself out in a timely manner.


Dan Gurney said...

I love that little sailing rig you plan for your black dinghy. A right proper wee yacht for the harbor.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, it should be a handy little rig with enough sail area to push the boat efficiently without the skipper having to hike out too much to keep the boat upright!

Paul Mullings said...

I bumped into an old sailing pal down at French Bay Yacht Club last night. I first met Murray Sargisson way back in 1978 when I first turned up in my Zephy #36 Foxy Lady. He was a already a champion sailor with several National titles under his belt. He tells me he now has a brand new composite boat and will be at Worser Bay, introduce yourself to him, a top guy by any standard.

Alden Smith said...

I met Murray Sargisson when I raced 'Slipstream' at French Bay last year. He is a very nice man and a fine sailor. The Zephyr Association is going through some rigorous debates and changes of rule regarding the Zephyr rules in general and the composite boats in particular - but with people of Murray's calibre who have years of Zephyr sailing experience to guide things I am sure they will get it all sorted.