Monday, March 13, 2017

____________________________ MEDITATION ________________________


The journey speaks of the world as islands
 set in oceans and seas of wind whipped blue

Our deepest truth is found on voyages alone
 navigating the self among the scend of
oceans breaking on headlands and reefs

Old truth tells us that to seek is to sail the
horizon back to where we began

The voyage and the return are one
a circumnavigation of
islands born of meanings call

Where the heart of seeking finds truth
 eternally moored in the silence of
 its own harbour

- Alden


Ben said...

Hi Alden,

Do I see the hen of the chickens?
Must be clear now, after looking at it for 4 days :-)

Alden Smith said...

Well spotted Ben! - Yes, this is Taranga (Hen) Island, the 'Hen' of the 'Hen and Chickens' islands. I took the photo when David and I delivered his new yacht from Auckland to Tutukaka some time last year. I meant to look for the place where you and Renee stayed on your trip to Northland last year but I forgot - too busy pulling ropes and staring at the horizon to stop myself from getting seasick!! - some sailor me!!