Sunday, September 11, 2016

_________________________ HAIKU SPRING ________________________

 Son and grandson explore the Matapouri estuary today.

Where does he wander 
I wonder,
my little one,
                    hunting Dragonflies?       -  Chiyo

 Iconic Aotearoa New Zealand holiday 'bach' at Matapouri.

No bold rain - cloud for 
a hundred miles
around ... dares
                        brave the peonies.           -  Buson
Iconic view from the iconic Matapouri 'bach'.

The seashore temple
incoming rollers
 flow in time
                       to the holy Flute.         -  Buson
The photographer, aka the old bugger, hobbles along behind carrying his Crocs.

My dear pilgrim hat,
you must
accompany me
                      to view the plum trees.          Basho


Ben said...

This is a beautiful answer on my last remark about Spring.

Alden Smith said...

Thank you Ben. It was certainly a beautiful day - and Spring is in the air.