Friday, August 12, 2016

___________________ SORTING THE WORKBENCH (3) ___________________

The workbench has finally been sorted. The larger renovated 'Record No 52' vise has been secured in place and the previous small vise relocated on the end of the workbench where it will be handy for holding things that require cutting.

In its original wobbly form (and without a vise) this bench saw out its time as a handy workbench when I was renovating the Starling dinghy. You don't need big expensive kit to do things.

Like most things that you want to endure they need to be placed on a sure footing. Raising the table and placing it on some chunky wooden bearers and hefty solid feet was the first stage.

The second stage was cladding and a couple of shelves. This stiffened up the structure immensely.
I am pleased with the work bench renovation and now have a good solid work station to wile away my time on various projects of a nautical nature.

Spending time on something you love helps the mind to concentrate on only one thing at a time, its a 'mindfulness' exercise of sorts. It is meditative, absorbing and turns off the deluge of chatter that characterizes the 'monkey mind' that plagues our waking existence.


Ben said...

That is really a heavy sturdy workbench. You could operate an elephant on it.
Regarding the 'mindfulness' exercise of sorts, mine is spoking wheels. If you are not under time pressure, why should I, it is “Zen”.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, it's good and heavy. I can work on it without it moving around the carport... but I do draw the line at operating on elephants : >)