Friday, July 1, 2016

______________________ MARINER'S DINGHY (5) _______________________

The new port and starboard inner gunwales or 'shelves' have been glued in place. I have also cut and fitted a new central thwart. The thwart needed some careful work as the ends are curved horizontally and cambered vertically to fit the sides of the hull. I was pleased with the fit and happy that this time I didn't have to fill up the gaps left by bad woodwork with glue.

From a sheet of 2mm plywood I have cut enough long lengths 4mm wide to use as laminations for the installation of the four new ribs. The addition of ribs, knees and a thicker and strong central thwart will add weight to the dinghy but will make the boat much stronger and more robust.

........... and shipmates; you can see why a renovator of small boats needs as many sawhorses as he can lay his hands on.

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