Friday, June 24, 2016

______________________ MARINER'S DINGHY (1) _______________________

 [ This story was posted in April. I have re - dated this post and re - posted it here to give some continuity to the  'MARINERS DINGHY (4)' post (above) ]

Shipmates in April I bought Mariners fiberglass dinghy home. She's a big stable useful workhorse that I will miss using. I have temporarily replaced her with another smaller dinghy while I do some much needed maintenance. She has suffered being permanently moored to the launching pontoon. She gets knocked around by other pontoon users and has to constantly contend with the weather.

 The new dinghy trailer came in useful to get her home.

The gunwales on both sides been severely compressed which has split the fiberglass hull away and opened up the wooden gunwales to the weather.

 The wooden knee in the bow has rotted out due to water ingress.

 The support for the central rowing thwart needs replacing.

This single reinforcing rib is broken in about six places. To stop the whole hull from flexing I will repair this one and add a few more.

At both sides of the stern sections at the sheer level water has rotted out the wooden reinforcing.

There are four raised rowlock pads that will require replacing.

Having another dinghy at the pontoon ready to go means the much delayed winter work on Mariner will not be delayed due to dinghy repairs. 

I will wash, clean and sand the whole hull before chocking her off on a set of saw horses in the carport so that when the winter rains begin I will be able to get on with the repairs. There's never a dull moment Shipmates.

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