Wednesday, April 27, 2016

______________________ MARINER'S DINGHY (2) _______________________

You know the old saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step", you know the drill - stop procrastinating and just make a start, nah you don't need another beer and an hours strategic thinking time, just pick up the bloody sand paper and get on with it.

So I got on with it. It has been quite pleasant work except for having to sand the last owners botched up paint job. The person who I bought the dinghy off a few years ago painted over the gel coat with a single pack paint to make it look good for a quick sale on TradeMe the online site where I purchased it. This has flaked off in big sheets on the inside of the dinghy and has turned a chalky yellow on the outside. So I am sanding it back to the original gel coat with wet and dry sandpaper. I will repaint with two pack undercoat and top coat.

So there are a number of jobs on the go at the moment.

- Sand, repair and paint Mariner's dinghy.

- Sand the recently fiberglassed trailing edge of the Starlings centerboard that took a bit of a beating over summer so as to be ready for the first of the Winter series of races this weekend.

- Wash and clean the outside of Mariner as she is looking decidedly shabby and make a start on the long awaited great engine repair  ( I really will need a couple of beers and some hours of strategic motor repair time for this job).

But Shipmates I'm not complaining - there's never a dull moment here at Smiths' outdoor Boatyard.

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