Saturday, February 27, 2016

___________________________ CATBOATS (1) __________________________

 Catboat - John Fitzsimmons

Old boat I have used you
grown dry and checked,
heavy on your timber cradle,
tired of all the bullshit
and messing.
Ripping the glass cloth
they laid on your keel
I felt the power
of a labored birth;
the stagnant smell of years
of damp-rot
and patchwork.
Neither am I proud
of your plywood deck, knowing
too well I wasn’t built
for ease of maintenance.
We repair each other
to our barest hulls,
and strengthened
work from there.


Bursledon Blogger said...

Nice - I have a thing for Catboats

Alden Smith said...

So do I Max, mines called an obsession. I have the plans for pretty much this very boat in a 1951 edition of the American Rudder magazine. She's on my list of 'must do' boat builds.

glsass said...

Thank you for compiling the photos of Jenny. I was surprised to see this page.
I own Jenny and they are my photos. No worry, it's OK. I thought you might like to know that
Jenny is for sale. 781-326-3362 Ask for Garry

Alden Smith said...

Hi Garry,

I used the photos as they were not copied righted and they are on the internet in the public domain - but as you say it's ok with you and I am please with that - such catboat beauty is worthy of being shared with the world.

I live in New Zealand and not the United States - if I was living in the US I would be interested in purchasing Jenny. The only way I think I am going to bet a Catboat for my own use will be to build one!!

Kind Regards - Alden Smith