Saturday, January 30, 2016


This house with Taurikura written on it is just up the hill from Taurikura bay and opposite the Taurikura General Store. Whenever I launch my kayak at Taurikura I always do my special patented air temperature test.

The temperature test involves buying a large Hokey Pokey icecream. Today I failed in being able to lick all melting Hokey Pokey icecream before most of it ran down the cone and onto my hand. This was important empirical information. - Consulting my patented Hokey Pokey Air Temperature Chart I ascertained that today it was extremely hot. I never listen to anecdotal evidence, only a true scientific test meets my standards.

If you have never tasted Hokey Pokey ice cream before (which is considered by people of impeccable culinary taste as nectar of the gods........ and if you are a Kiwi and never tasted it ... then shame on you) and you don't live here in NZ I suggest you book a flight to New Zealand immediately.

I launched at Taurikura on a typical summers weekend day in Northland. Families were enjoying themselves at the beach.

This is moi trying to look cool in my new $23.90 clip on sun glasses - alas cool is a temperature that doesn't seem to suit me - I am better with a HPICCone cone in my hand.

On my way with High Island on the port side and Little Munroe Bay around the headland in the distance.

This is a house I remember being built in Little Munroe Bay in the 1970s. It has a rather unique roof line. The roof has been constructed by draping hessian sack cloth over large sloping roof beams, reinforced with wire mesh and then plastered with ferro cement concrete.

Kiwis at play in Little Munroe Bay. These jet ski thingies are not really my cup of tea, not only because of the amount of noise they make but because the people who ride them seem to want to show off by riding these things at dangerous high speeds in nice quiet anchorages.

The large flax plant is called an Epiphyte which is a plant that grows on other plants or trees but is not parasitic to its host. I remember being on a school camp and one evening seeing one of these suddenly fall with a great noise from the trunk of a nearby tree. Thank goodness it didn't happen the next day when we were in the bush doing our camp activities.

The great advantage of a kayak is the ability to get really close in to the shore. I love paddling in this  boundary where the shore and the water meet.

Paddling back to Taurikura. Interesting erosion patterns and nice clear water.

As I drew closer to Taurikura I came upon a wedding taking place under some huge Pohutakawa trees. I actually heard the words ... "Do you Johnathon take ........ " come floating across the water.

I thought of American Blogger Dan when I took this photo. This pair of birds (wonder if they are formally married?) are of the genus Black Featherus Long Red Billus.

By the look of the big thick wooden filleting board on the back of the boat, if the Mullet aren't feeling stunned as they are pulled over the side of the boat they soon will be.

Nice waterside homes in Taurikura Bay. It's always been my dream to live like this but these properties are very expensive.

Approaching Taurikura beach.

Kayak back on the top of my car and ready to go. I am now all ready for the drive up the hill to the Taurikura General Store and the compulsory daily temperature test.


Dan Gurney said...

Looks like a great paddle. What a lot of variety. Weddings, fishing boat, birds, ice cream, and... jet skis! I am with you on those things. I usually paddle on waters where they're not allowed. I avoid paddling in places where they are allowed. I just can't stand them.

Alden Smith said...

Hi Dan. Yes it is a great paddle. When I sail down Whangarei harbour heading for the big ocean I pass all of this wonderful inner harbour shoreline which is too shallow an area for me to explore closely with the big boat - but, as you well know a kayak is ideal for this closer exploration and investigation. I have only explored a small part of the harbour - so there are a lot wonderful paddles on the horizon!

Dan Gurney said...

Good luck sailing on the Aukland Anniversary Regatta today. I hope you have fine weather and turn in a good performance.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Dan - as it turned out the weather was perfect and we got line honours in the race.

Bursledon Blogger said...

What a great spot. It was light until almost 5.30 this evening, hopefully get the kayaks out in a week or three

Alden Smith said...

Hi Max. Yes it is great spot in an area that I keep returning to. I will look forward to a few blog posts from you of your own paddles in your delightful neck of the woods.

Ben said...

I would like to do the Hokey Pokey ice cream test in the near future.
It all looks like a pleasant lazy Sunday afternoon, eh weekend.
You are a real birdwatcher and connoisseur.

Alden Smith said...

Hi Ben, Yes! the Hokey Pokey ice cream test is an essential NZ experience LOL!
I am pleased you noticed my vast knowledge of birds, especially my easy ability to remember their scientific names just like the BBCs David Attenborough LOL.