Monday, September 21, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 34

Today I wasn't able to work on the Starling because the weather is so cold the last of the Epifill compound I have used as fairing on the hull requires up to 94 hours to 'go off' at low temperatures. So I took a drive out to see a beautiful seaside house set amongst  Pohutakawa trees, complete with boathouse, boat workshop, beautiful sea views and 'Riparian rights' (It's own private beach). I will be purchasing this house when I win a few million dollars in this coming Saturdays Lotto.
While I was dreaming about something I can't afford the Starling was waiting patiently. I have given  the first undercoat a light sand and then applied what I hope is the last of any fairing compound.

This 'Epifill' compound (White in the photo) is taking its time in the low temperatures getting to a sanding stage. But never mind this gives me time to think how well she will look waiting to go sailing on the beach below my new house.

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