Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 31

The chocolate brown West System fairing compound has been sanded back. It was a pleasant enough job as the compound sands reasonably easily.

 You can see where the Dynal tape has been exposed and the fairing compound has leveled the area between the tape and the plywood. I am not as concerned about any change in shape to the hull as I was previously. A large amount of the stuff was sanded off and I think any distortion to the lines of the hull are minimal.

Here I have applied a final coat of fiberglass resin. The Dynal tape is very hard and tough and should protect the chines and keelson from any hard knocks.

This coat of resin has dried. When it is hard I will sand it lightly and then apply the first coat of undercoat paint. While I am waiting for it to harden up enough to sand I will turn the boat over and continue with some other tasks.

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