Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 28

A sailor with a bent for restorations can never have enough sawhorses (Or tools of every description and anything else that might come in useful). If you are a: "I think this might come in useful one day" sort of person, you will be in a good strategic position if you ever restore anything.

I have built a boat cradle with each independent end firmly attached to its own saw horse.The fore and aft parts of the cradle are covered with 100% pure Merino New Zealand wool carpet (Nothing but the best).

Over she goes ready for the next stage. The only time she will be in this upside down position again will be if I happen to capsize whilst sailing..... and roll on the sailing days...... today is the first day of Spring here in New Zealand, so I had better hurry up and make sure I am ready for a sailing summer.

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