Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Starling Project - Part 8

As I was pulling off all the old plywood I removed all the old fastenings. This left some big areas that required filling, especially where the fastenings were screws, with lesser filling required for any nail holes.

The white gunk on the frames is where I have filled with 'Epifill' a product so expensive I asked the guy in the chandlers if there were crushed up gold bars inside the can. He laughed and said that this product, that was once made by 'Epiglass' is now made and marketed by 'International Paints' who are losing a lot of market share because of the price of its products. I am not surprised by that at all.

'Epifill' is the filler product - 'Epiglue' (photo below) is the glue product - The can sizes are the same. I bought this 'Epiglue' for the next stage in this process which is gluing on the new plywood.

The bottom can is the glue. The top can is the hardener. You mix it in a 2:1 ratio. The total weight of the combined mixture is 385 grams. It costs $69.99 (They don't price it at $70 because they think we are so bloody thick we might not actually notice their oh so very clever and cunning marketing strategy - doh! doh! doh! - God give me strength! )

In the photograph (below) one sheet of this plywood cost me $60 - ( NOT $59.99 - THEY, at least have a bit of class ) - Which I consider reasonable value for money as it's top grade marine plywood with the wooden veneers glued with top grade waterproof marine glue.

Yes shipmates, that's right, you are onto it - How the fuck can you produce a large sheet of top grade marine plywood using top grade marine glue, EVEN IF the glue is bought at a bulk 'Trade' 50% discounted price of $35  - ( Whoops, whoops, whoops, sorry the price to the plywood manufacturers of 'International' glue would be a much cheaper $34.99 ).

How can they produce that plywood for that price? Well they probably use some of the other excellent high quality glue products such as resorcinol glues or West System glues where you get 50 - 100 times the volume of product for half the price of these International products.

I know what glue I will be purchasing next time round ........... And if this little post comes within the definition of a cathartic bloody RANT - then so be it!


Paul Mullings said...

No wonder your eyes are watering! Have a look at this link to a manufacturer selling direct on's good stuff too!

Alden Smith said...

Boat stuff has always been expensive as I am sure you know - but it does seem that some products are almost pricing themselves off the market. I am surprised at the cost of Epiglue etc as they are products made from petroleum, the price of which has been falling substantially in recent times.

Epiglue and Epifill are very effective products, pity about the price!!

Thanks for the links, I shall take a look.

Alden Smith said...

Paul - I took a look at your link - There is some good stuff there. I saw This:

--- for $55 which is a real bargain if it is suitable for marine purposes.

Paul Mullings said...

These ones are definitely marine grade. When you wish to buy it links to TradeMe too!

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Paul for the information, appreciate that.