Tuesday, March 31, 2015

____________________ SVERIGES FRISHA VINDAR _____________________

My eyes lit up when I drove past this little Swedish yacht less than two minutes from where I live here in Whangarei NZ. I thought when I saw her, " I bet twelve bottles of 'Speights Old Dark' beer that she is the same design as that sweet little boat in that Yachting World Annual I have in my bookshelf."

Sure enough, I found her story  "Sveriges Friska Vindar" (Fresh Winds From Sweden) in a 1971 edition of the Yachting World annual. Apparently she was the object of some derision when she turned up as a competitor in the Quarter Ton Cup, the other competitors being shallow hulled yachts with separated fin and skeg rudders. The yacht in question "Allegro" soon wiped the smirks from faces as she out sailed the opposition in both light and heavy airs. She finished a creditable 5th overall in the race series.

 'Allegro' is a Swedish 'Koster' design by Las Norlin. The question is - is this the same "Allegro"? or is this one example of many that were produced in fiberglass? I bet she was produced in fiberglass as this is one great little cruising design.

When I next drive past and see some activity on this little gem of a boat I am going to swing in and check out the veracity of my detective work - I am so sure about the design part of the facts that I have already bought the beer! LOL.

Postscript:  To be continued...................


Cro Magnon said...

My sister lives in Kamo and makes regular visits to local marinas etc. It is possible that she too has admired this yacht. Small world.

Alden Smith said...

Yes I have read and commented on your sisters interesting Blogpost concerning a very nice public walkway a few kilometers from where this yacht is - in fact if she is in the habit of walking the new 'Town Basin Loop Walk' she will not be able to miss seeing this very yacht, its right beside the walkway.

I am surprised you are a Brit living in France Cro, Kamo is far more exotic, the friendly people speak English and have the good manners to drive on the correct side of the road. Some of them have even been known to keep Amaryllis in pots, an excellent and very worthwhile undertaking.

Cro Magnon said...

I've been living here for two thirds of my life.... no move anticipated.

Alden Smith said...

Home is where the heart is ... and yours is obviously in France - good for you, I think that's great - and if you have friends, family and/or interests in the UK, you only have to cross the English Channel.... hmmmm I wonder what the French call that piece of water?