Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sumner Road (Evans Pass), Christchurch 4K UHD Drone's View 2015

This interesting video was sent to me by my brother Christopher.

When we were growing up in Christchurch New Zealand we often used to ride this road on our bicycles. From the top of Evans Pass it was a very fast free wheeling ride of madness down into the port of Lyttleton. It gives me grimacing spine chilling goosebumps to think now of how dangerous it all was - But we never worried about any of that because up to our late teens or our first self inflicted near death experience (whatever comes first) these are the years of immortality.

Since the Christchurch earthquakes this road has been closed - and abandoned. It's now a road of memories.

Interestingly, apart from walking the only way to travel down this road now is on a bicycle.

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