Sunday, March 1, 2015

SCANDINAVIAN BEAUTY - Klassieke boot Scherenkruiser

Ben. This is the yacht that you reminded me of, the 'Scherenkruiser.' In many ways (despite her lines being a lot finer in the bow) she looks somewhat like a slightly bigger version of the old Olympic 'Dragon' class. But she is definitely prettier than the Dragon. A yacht such as this is a very good example of economy of design. Given the parameters ( A weekend cruiser ) she has everything - looks, speed, and a cosy little cabin that would have sitting headroom. For exended periods of time it would be more like camping than commodious living in such a confined space - but if you want to live year round on a boat - then you require a much bigger design.

The Scherenkruiser is a purests sailing yacht - more Ferrari than a Volkswagon Kombi van, more Ballet Dancer than Weight Lifter - and no doubt the apple of its owners eye.

A little yacht like this would also be relatively inexpensive (if you can use the word 'inexpensive' at all when it comes to hand built wooden yachts). She would make a really nice little coastal weekend cruiser for the Northland coast here in New Zealand. So many splendid little yachts Ben!! So little time!

P.S - I see (Google 'Scherenkruiser) that this particular yacht is Te Koop (For Sale) at the moment for 27, 500 euros. She will make a very nice weekend cruising / racing yacht for some lucky Northern sailor (s).


Ben said...

When you enlarge the picture you can see that her name is Sirius. She was on sale in 2009 when you saw her.

Alden Smith said...

Yes, and you provided me with a lot of information about her - I have it in an email somewhere. She is certainly a beautiful looking boat.

Alden Smith said...

The house that she is moored to in the background is also very interesting - I presume the house is floating on some sort of pontoon. Ideal setup for a boat fanatic. : >)