Sunday, December 7, 2014


This photograph is more forensic evidence that builds my prima facie case to prove that thoughts of my beautiful pom-pom hat is not a conspiracy theory, or the fantasy of some old retired mariner, but that it actually did exist. You can see the hat in this photo, but don't try to enlarge it otherwise it will pixalate into a blur. But you can see it there, look, yep that's it wrapped round my head like a Tea Cosy.

But wait! there is more, if you turn back a few postings you can read a comment by my good friend Kelvin to my post titled "In The Olden Days" where he categorically states that he was there in person on the very day my pom - pom hat ended up in the briny and where said hat dived to meet Davy Jones locker with all the gusto of a submarine practising an emergency dive. Evidence like this is called an "Eye witness account".

Now, "Where is all this leading?" I hear you ask. Well, "Nowhere" is my answer. It's just a story about a pom - pom hat. Nah, that's not true - I am just stalling for time. Ok. I will tell you. But you have to promise to keep it a secret.

See, because, well......

I am able to knit and once I knitted myself an adult sized jersey and when I was a child I could knit cause my mum taught me and I knitted a scarf yeah a whole big big long coloured scarf and I like knitting and my dad teased me and called me grandma and stuff but I didn't care cause I knew he was only having fun and I can do plain stitch and knit pearl and plain and stuff and cast onto the needles and do all sorts and now I am thinking really seriously of knitting myself another beautiful woolen pom-pom hat phew now you know my secret

Yep shipmates. This sailor can knit. And knit a new hat he will.... and I haven't even told you about my abilities in pom-pom making LOL LOL.

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