Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Pale Blue Dot

Shipmates, this is one of the more sobering stories that has come my way for a while, and it's a true and wonderful tale well worth considering......

..... AND, in the considering (Watch the video), learn well this truth .....  That we really are all Shipmates, crewing together this spaceShip earth, as it hurtles around our Earth star the sun at 107,343 kilometers per hour (66,700 miles per hour).

... And here is something else: - The writer G.K.Chesterton wrote:

Imagine traveling to another planet and finding a civilization of Sparrows, over here is a little sparrow orchestra with all the birds looking intently at the conductor and keeping in time as the music flows forth; and over there a solemn group of sparrows in a funeral procession, following a little sparrow coffin, and again over here a political sparrow holding forth atop a pork barrel, while supporters and detractors cheer and boo, and yet again sparrows sailing their little yachts on the sea as baby sparrows swim and make sand castles on a beach, their parent sparrows picnicking with friends and discussing everything from supermarket food prices to the meaning of life.

Chesterton asks, "What would we make of all of this?" - The answer is that we would be stunned, speechless, we would look at this scene with absolute wonderment, amazement. We would be enthralled by all that we saw.

Chesterton's point is that the sparrows are proxies for ourselves and that the wonderment we would feel when viewing the sparrows is the wonderment we should have for our own existence and everything else that exists on our very own "Pale Blue Dot" and that somehow we have lost this sense of wonderment, this sense of the transcendent mystery of our lives.

The implication of all this is that if we could see and feel again the uniqueness of our existence we might perhaps try and look after each other and our planet a whole lot better than we are doing  at this present point in time.

So shipmates, lets do just that - commit to looking after each other and our beautiful planet a whole lot better ..... And remember, if you ever want to know what a Real spaceShip looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels like - just go outside your own front door and take a look!

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