Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hidden Gold

A poem such as this is a
'Phoenix from the ashes' poem.
A poem of hope,
A poem of the future,
A poem of resurrection,
A poem of new beginnings.

It has a particular meaning within
Its context which is Tolkiens
'The Lord of the Rings'
But its meaning is also universal.

There are times in our lives,
When we become dispossessed,
Or we dispossess ourselves.
When we lose our way,
When "The centre does not hold,"

We should all be Kings and Queens
Of our lives, in control, deciding our futures.
When we fall, we need to get up and
Learn to walk the road again.

A ring, a circle, is a symbol of wholeness,
A symbol of  completion.
To find completion we go forward,
With courage and complete the work.
We put our shoulder to the wheel.

That great  wise man Carl Jung said,
"The call to life is a call to battle."
And in taking up that battle we become
Heroes of one sort or another within
The story that we create.

Kia Kaha.

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