Friday, July 25, 2014

Que Sera Sera (What Will Be Will Be)

Here are two people that I love. Charlotte and Nathan. As I type they are in England enjoying some time with Nathans mum. When they return Charlotte will enter year three of her Nursing degree and Nathan will continue his degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, completing it in November.

Every year of his studies Nathan, along with a few other students, has been given a high achieving student award. To obtain this a student must have an average A+ score in all assignments and exams - no mean feat. Charlotte has also surprised herself with very high marks in her nursing studies.

Nathans goal is to get some sort of scholarship to Oxford University where he will complete his PhD. Of course he will require his father in law, who taught him everything he knows, to visit regularly so that he can straighten out any illogical arguments in his philosophical treatises and point out the odd adding mistake in his maths - tough work for me, but someone has to do it. So I shall not argue about living in Oxford from time to time, and there are compensations such as good pubs and bookshops. And of course daughters need their mums, so Christine will be able to be there for Charlotte.

But it's all early days and if a junior lectureship was to come available in New Zealand who knows... No pressure Nathan!!
Just remember the grandchildren have to be bilingual - English and New Zillan. Your father in law requires them to be able to say 'fish and chips' and 'fush and chups' why?  - coss uz in New Zillian are chuss duffrunt.

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