Sunday, June 29, 2014


Well shipmates it was my birthday a few of days ago on the 26th of June and I turned 63. Me 63! When did that happen!!  Can you believe it? 63 years since that vintage year of 1951! A year when many very modest and unassuming people were born.

Of course reaching this age with so many T shirts to choose from throws one into a dilemma - Just what does Moi wear for goodness sake - Especially when the messages on each shirt speaks the truth so clearly! - Although the message on the yellow T shirt may be a bit dodgy, I do have two stents in a couple of my arteries, which makes my parts only 99.9999% original - And the green T shirt doesn't have the words 'Full Bodied' on it, as does the blue shirt (so it's not telling the whole truth) - And the black shirt states "The Best 1951 Vintage' implying some sort of competition when clearly if Moi were to wear it, there simply wouldn't be any competition at all - So I will have to stick with the Blue shirt - So blue it is shipmates - Good strong boys colour, matches my eye colour (and my jeans) and reminds me of important stuff like seas that need to be sailed on. 

Roll on 64?  - Well, no; not quite yet; ask me again in 12 months time. 

(Actually I think I would wear all of these T Shirts. When you are me; and 63; you tend to look pretty damn good in just about anything)   : > )   ROTFL

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