Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flying Pigs - Hika Art Exhibition (3)

Tara's class created a squadron of magnificent flying pigs for the Hikurangi School Art Exhibition. I have to say I have seen my share of flying pigs in 62 years of living. Some of these pigs have flown very high within the veracity of some of the stories I have heard, others have mingled with very festive pink elephants, the sort whose specialty is always one of over imbibing.

These pigs were created by covering an inflated balloon with paper mache. When the paper mache was dry the required number of paper mache bumps were added for feet, nose and ears. Then porcine eyes and exquisite, soaring, gossamer glitter glued wings were attached with avionic precision and voila! a very versatile animal indeed was born. All of the piggy wiggies have a slot in the top to put money into if you want to use the them as money boxes - but only a real sadist would weigh down the avian dreams of a aerobatic pig.

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