Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Australian Jack Earls yawl 'Stella Maris' running before a storm in Bass Strait -- from a painting by Jack Earl

It has been raining solidly here in Northland. Big clouds, heavily laden with rain. Yesterday they closed my place of work, Hikurangi School for the day - too many roads closed by slips and trees over the roads. I spent the time at home watching the rain - big rain, big fat drops of relentless rain cascading down my windows, filling up the gutterings and gurgling down the downpipes like water in the scuppers of a boat. I felt all at sea, what with the rain, the wind and a sense of ennui. Wherever I looked all I saw was relentless rain. It seemed to be raining inside the house. Stormy weather is like that, full of rain.

On my own beloved small yacht 'Mariner' I have a storm jib like the one in the above picture of the little yawl 'Stella Maris' - a storm jib hand sewn with fat stitching - crafted to be almost bullet proof. It's small and tough and takes no prisoners with the wind and rain. I also have a compass. I shall seek out the storm jibs wise counsel about dealing with the rain - but the magnetic compass is a completely different story.


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