Friday, March 23, 2012


I have been working on my end of term assessment data since 3pm today and have JUST FINISHED (11.59 PM)- so please don't mention National Standards, Testing, Examinations or Data Entry or I may hack into the very kernel of the WWWeb and write some code that will vaporise and/or do some serious injury to --- well, whatever vaporising computer code does injury to.

The problem with the my current set of data reporting is that it has expanded from one to now three separate very detailed reports per class. If the data translated into some sort of policy making that would help schools all well and good, but I think it is a kind of job creating, empire building for government ministry officials and politicians - for example (and on another tack - and hobby horse) - all school rolls are now computerized with the roll taken electronically twice a day. If a child is absent then there are about 30 different reasons in a pull down menu to choose from, to indicate why a particular child is absent. If this translated into more truancy officers or some sort of policy to help children to attend school then all well and good - but do we see said policy? - not on your nelly we don't !

And don't get me started on National Standards - an arbitrary line drawn in the sand which large numbers of children who are doing quite well at school and are (despite the well known social economic influences) growing and learning - who under the new regime will be told constantly that they are failing - yep that's a great way to help children to learn - tell them they are failing as they constantly grow - bloody brilliant.

I wonder why it is that the current government looks to failed international models for its inspiration i.e. Charter Schools, Privatisation, League Tables, National Standards etc when good models, MODELS THAT WORK AND PUT THESE COUNTRIES (e.g. FINLAND) AT THE TOP OF THE INTERNATIONAL TABLES are available - are you listening ARE AVAILABLE right at this present time!! And these models almost completely disconnect themselves from any testing for reporting purposes - testing that informs teaching is embraced - testing to rank, judge and do the old pass / fail / good / bad / accepted / unaccepted --- is well ignored!!!
But why would a person pursue truth when they can have - LIES, DAMNED LIES AND STATISTICS!!

A very good question on many levels - why would one ? go figure. End of rant - now to bed - I'm very tired and stressed after today - maybe I will count sheep, no I won't, someone might want a $%#@&&%$ spreadsheet of sheep statistics. (12.36 AM).


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