Friday, November 25, 2011

California Dreamin - Mamas & The Papas

This is fast becoming a list of 'Not Kiwi Songs' - but as I was looking on utube for old Kiwi songs that I could remember I came across as you do on utube, the rest of the world.

I remember this song so well - golden harmonies and great melody and I always liked the breathy flute riff - - it has a spirit of those far off days of 'make love not war, let it all hang out, flower power, hippie days.' (bell bottom trousers and paisley shirts AND white boots OMG )

This song (circa 1966) reminds me of 'borrowing' my older brothers black suede winkle picker shoes and going off to dances at St Chads in Christchurch (46 years ago).

Looking at the Mamas and Papas perform its clear that fashion sense has moved on - but somehow the music remains timeless - simple, clear, harmony and melody, evocative and enduring - Utube - what a Memory Lane.


evelyn said...

ah yes St Chads Them were the days!
The song is a favourite of mine as well.. But thank god fashion has moved on.. I heard this era once described as "the decade that taste forgot"

Alden Smith said...

The 'a' in your 'ah' should have a capital and the 'T' in your 'Them' should be lower case, and.... should an atheist be thanking God?

I do agree about the fashion statement, although it was really only about the girls - with winkle pickers, stove pipe jeans and a paisley shirt I cut a fashion figure as sharp as any young dashing blade of that era.

Katherine said...

Surely you're not old enough to have winkle-picked Alden! Do you have any images to share? ;-)

Alden Smith said...

Katherine - I used to borrow my brothers Winkle Picker shoes - he was 6 years older than me and was a contemporary of The Beatles - so it was his age group at that time who wore the winkle pickers and the stove pipe jeans - but this didn't stop me from 'borrowing' them. :>)