Monday, July 11, 2011

Blatant Resistance

On the 26th of June this year I turned 60 years old


I have a new scarlet coat and
I look like a fire engine
And I don't give a damn
One should grow old gracefully
Somebody said - I don't know who
But I've heard it all my life and
So have you well to hell with that
I refuse to grow old any way
But reluctantly and bold as brass
And when arthritis bites in all
My bones and sleep sulks outside
My bedroom window in the dark
I just toss and turn and scratch
And swear the hours away I'm not
Growing older - it's a stupid
Betrayal of bones and flesh
That makes me feel this way but

Look at me now with springs on
My heels and the wind in my hair
Any moment I'll start whistling
And might even dance you a jig
And stop all the traffic along the
Quay wearing my new scarlet coat
And looking like a fire engine

-- Bub Bridger


Kathryn said...

Isn't 60 the new 50, Pal? I've got a few more months to go before I reach the big "6-0" but I'm not dreading it. I think every birthday should be celebrated. So many people don't make it this far.
Its our responsibility to live as good a life as we can and I know you already do that! :-)

Alden Smith said...

Yes, I agree, live as good a life as you can - it is sobering at this age to look and see those that haven't made it to 60 - make the next decades count!