Friday, May 6, 2011

The OK Dinghy Project (1)

Many years ago I used to sail a Ferrari Red OK Dinghy. Less than two years ago I restored a small P class yacht exactly like the one I used to sail before I graduated to the OK Dinghy. This restoration gave me the inspiration to look around for an OK Dinghy to restore - but the looking around has not had much success - never mind - it looks as though there is something more involved and interesting developing around this issue. Watch - This - Space.

The OK Dinghy was initially designed as an easily built (hard chine) relatively cheap trainer yacht for the (round bilge) Olympic Finn class yacht - but the OK dinghy has developed over the years into an impressive class of its own. This video (below) is of the Oks slightly bigger sister.

I chose this video but not the music - The music is OK (to coin a phrase) although if I had written the lyrics I may well have left out the line "Tonight God is a DJ" LOL


Dan Gurney said...

Good luck in your project, Alden! Watching the OK video was fun for me. I've always liked the OK better than the Laser as a boat, even though round here the Laser fleets make it the only way to go if you want to sail one-design.

Never was fond of the Finn, though, I must say. I guess I'm of a different denomination, even though these days I am now probably fat enough to sit on the weather rail and keep the boat level in moderate winds.

I'll be watching this space for updates.

Alden Smith said...

Thanks Dan. I have never liked the laser mainly because of its shallow hull and lack of what I call good looks. Also there isn't same capacity within the rig to individualise it for a range of body weights, this means that there evolves over time a 'Lazer Type' i.e. someone who is the best fit for this boat. The Ok dinghy has always been a one design but with a large amount of leeway in the way the rig is set up for differing body weights - this means that lighter weight sailors remain competitive in the higher wind ranges with heavier sailors. This is even more so in recent years with the advent of carbon fibre masts which has meant that matched with the right mainsail everyone has a highly competitive boat.

Alden Smith said...

Dan, unlike you I have always loved the Finn - I think it is one of the most beautiful of small centerboard yachts. It is also perhaps the most demanding of all Olympic class yachts. You have to be strong and determined to be competitive in this class. The Finn in terms of its sail area is at the absolute top of what one person can handle in a big wind. Like the OK dinghy the rig can be adapted for lighter skippers but this boat is so big and powerful it really takes those types who wear NZ size 14 shoes to be able to get the best out of this boat. One of the great unsung Olympic feats was performed in the Finn Dinghy by Paul Elvstrom by winning 4 Gold medals at successive Olympic games, something noone else has been able to emulate.

Anonymous said...

2 years ago an OK hull was given to my husband (or dumped in our garden, depending on how you look at it!!) she has laid cold and unloved ever since. I have now listed her on ebay 99p starting price, no an OK devotee with a probable group of likeminded friends, I thought you may be interested in glancing over the add, in dinghies/boats, before bidding closes on 6/7/13,middayish