Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After my big rave about nautical authenticity I thought I might provide a photo of a little model I have. It only cost NZ$35. It was mass produced somewhere in South East Asia. I like it very much. Although it lacks the small detail of very expensive hand made models it expresses an over all character and form that is believable and charming. In fact I liked it so much that the next time I passed the shop I bought another one with a blue hull! - 'A bird in the hand might be worth two in the bush' as the saying goes, but believe me from my point of view a little model yacht in each hand is far better.

Here is a nice little poem by my old friend Pablo Neruda:

I grew up drenched in natural waters
like the mollusk in the phosphorous sea.
In me the crusty salt resounded
and formed my singular skeleton.
How to explain - almost without
the blue and bitter rhythm of breathing,
one by one the waves repeated
what I sensed and trembled with
until salt and spray formed me:
the wave's rejection and desire,
the green rhythm which at its most secret
raised up a transparent tower.
It kept that secret and all at once
I felt that I was beating with it,
that my song was growing with the water.


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