Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Vision of a Child

"Don't touch very secret latest plans Space Ship Book PETER SMITH (Standard) 4 Browns Bay." - This is a book that was created over 55 years ago by my late brother Peter. Peter always said that it was he who invented the landing procedures for space ships by using the main rocket engine to facilitate a smooth landing - and that he had the plans to prove it. Come on this short little visual journey with me and I show you that he was a visionary not just concerning the landing of the 'Eagle' on the moon in 1969.

This rocket is obviously landing as it has its tripod landing undercarriage deployed. The main rocket is being used to slow the rockets landing - yes, I hear you whisper the words 'empirical evidence' under your breathe and yes, NASA owes him big time. US dollars to the Smith Family Trust headed by Moi, will do just fine.

"Bottom can turn around to any angle" - are the visionary words written at the top of this design page. Yes, exactly! you are thinking "British Navy Harrier Jump Jet" aren't you. And indeed the Harrier vertical take off jet uses the principal of altering the direction of the engines thrust to take off and land vertically. - Again - case proven. RAF - British Pounds Stirling are quite bankable in New Zealand, so bite you stiff upper lip and cough up.

Yes, exactly! I know what you are thinking! Yes, and yes again!- this is "Proto Enterprise" it is from this original concept that the Starship 'Enterprise' was created for the long running television series 'StarTrek' All that the producers and directors have done to this image is shift the large dish from the middle to the front of the spaceship.
Again, substantial royalties are due. Of course a slight royalty reduction of 1% could be obtained by offering me top billing movie roles - Perhaps "Mamma Mia Two" or a starring lead with Brad Pitt and Pierce Brosnahan in minor support roles.

Look familiar? A childrens toy called a "Transformer" ? Welcome to Litigation City all you toy companies. But wait! there is something else - if you look closely you will see in the body of the robot there are food storage rooms - Exactly - A visionary prediction of the merging of the biological and mechanical - you are looking at Protobiologicaltechnoroboticus him/herself.

Shape seem familiar? Yes bingo! you are right, its not the shape of a WW2 Uboat, its the shape of a modern nuclear submarine - Navies of the world, open up your wallets.

It took me a while to work this one out, but with the help of a linguist I was able to translate from the original Martian into English the words "Martian Saucer". Does this provide A posteriori evidence that Peter had contact with beings from another world? Hmmm, well maybe, but my lips are sealed to all low bidders.
This is evidence of the scope of Peters visionary imagination. Within his book I found this bubble gum wrapper firmly glued. Being a commercial product it has obviously been produced by an adult graphic artist. But what can we make of its vision? - could this be a metaphor for subsequent email?? Nah!!! - its visionless graphic gobbledegook! By comparison, such awkward, clunky ideas highlight how well Peter had come to grips with the true nature of his cosmic vision.
Yes, your are right, this is something you have never seen before. It is a "Martian Flying Crab" - This idea goes far into the future of space exploration. It is an idea whose day will come far into our dreaming futures.
Someday on the cusp of great intergalatic events we might all be truely thankful to have by our sides one or more Martian Flying Crabs.



chris said...

Excellent Pal,Im so proud of you and so is Peter.

Alden Smith said...

Yeah... thanks Chris, I like to think Peter would would have got a good laugh out of this blog posting.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I'm convinced that your brother was a lot like Nostradamus, as well as being a precocious little engineer! Quite amazing!

Alden Smith said...

Yes! Anon, Nostradamus or somewhat Jules Verne like in his predictions.

ElvishVampireHobbit94 said...

Oh my dear, that was good. That was like looking at my brother's drawings from when he was ten - except he uses ideas that are already here... yeah, your brother owns those! and honestly, when the Martian Crab thing attacks earth I am going to be screaming "I saw the truth!" even as it scorches my crab cakes.

Alden Smith said...

Listen ElvishVampireHobbit94, get it right - the Martian Crabs are on OUR SIDE they are the Goodies, not the Badies, hence the last line in the Blogpost "...we may one day be truely thankful to have one or more Martian Crabs by our side."

But you are of course forgiven this slight misunderstanding because you have deemed it worthy to visit this, the greatest Blogspot in the universe, written by one of humanities most modest people.