Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Accidental Introduction To Video

I can't believe I actually shot this video. I have only just found it downloaded with a whole lot of other photos in a folder on my computer. This video was taken by accident on the Cook Strait Ferry as we headed to the South Island and the Molesworth Station. The camera I have is new and I hadn't until recently used the video function. I do remember fiddling around wondering why the camera wouldn't click and holding the camera up trying to get a good shot of the yacht and mucking around with the dials - hence the shot of the water in the middle of the video. I am still somewhat at a loss to explain how in the circumstances the video image is so stable.

Today I spent some time trying out the video feature - And now, since I shall be posting home made videos on this Blog I might rename my BlogSpot - maybe call it something racy like the Roxy or the Lido, charge an entrance fee; sell ice creams, candyfloss, jaffas, etc at half time :-) ...... Half time at the movies!!!!!!!!!!! Boy I really am showing my age.

In fact there was a time when the picture theatre experience included a half time and took this format:

1 - All stand for the playing of "God save the Queen" (A youthful Queen shown riding a horse during the trooping of the colour at Buckingham Palace) - (counter cultural, anti-establishment types always sat for this).
2 - Travel features, Cartoons, Human interest stories, Newsreels shown.
3- Half time - The lights would come on for about 10 minutes. Children in white cotton coats would sell ice creams street vendor style from large boxes with glass sides. These were hung around their necks on a large strap.
4 - The main feature was shown.

* During the main feature, boredom, anarchy and /or lack of a proper upbringing was displayed by emptying packets of Jaffas, Snifters or other suitable sweets/lollies down the sloping wooden picture theatre floor - the percussive effect was always eclipsed by approving laughter.

Which in a roundabout way doesn't take us back to what I was talking about - Video.
But watch this space anyway. :>)



Katherine said...

Goodness, what marvels are in store for us when you DO know you are videoing?

Alden Smith said...

Katherine that is an encouraging thought although it will be a blow to the ego if the video footage shot when I am supposed to know what I am doing is worse than the unconscious stuff!

A Fierce Reality said...

I love the content of this blog.....keep it going...

Solomon Isnads

Alden Smith said...

Thankyou Harold. I have visited and posted a comment on your own blog which I found interesting and insightful - I'll be back again to comment.