Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I watched a full moon rise above the Tarwharanui Peninsula at Snells Beach in Warkworth on New Years Eve - May your life in 2010 be as full as this brimming moon and may love and compassion light your way.

"A person's life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his .... heart first opened. " - Albert Camus



Delwyn said...

That is a wonderful quote my friend. A reopening of the heart to wonder...while listening to the ocean here overlooking my tropical garden I give thanks for further blessings and opportunities for the above to happen.
Happy days

Katherine said...

Lovely post, super picture. Yes, wasn't it wonderful Pal that the moon was full on the first day of the year!
We had our friends from Germany here and learnt about the ritual whereby everyone should be outside and then the darkest-haired man in the house enters first with a piece of coal...
It felt almost medieval, but fun.

Alden Smith said...

Delwyn "listening to the ocean" - yes, yes, yes! thats what oceans are for (as well as for sailing on)
I like those four words and one of your missions for 2010 is to compose a Haiku with these words in it.

Alden Smith said...

Katherine, it was a very, very good moon wasn't it! - and this weather we are having - I hope its the beginning.. 'of the golden weather'
The German ritual sounds intriguing - most Eurpopean countries seem to have their own local customs (e.g. the Dutch have Sinterklass) - New Zealanders don't really have any equivalent in the true sense of Rituals (excluding stuff like beach, barbies, beer etc).
One of your missions for 2010 Katherine is to dream up an appropriate ritual for Kiwis (the heart of an artist is well equipped for this task) - run it past me when you think of something and I will instruct (well mandate) the rest of the country to institutionalize said new ritual - ah, but that I ran the world.

Katherine said...

Ah, a mission. And the one you have chosen for me is very apt, in view of the work I am doing right now towards my exhibition...more details later. :o)

Kathryn said...

It was such a beautiful moon on New Year's Eve. Here in Perth we had the most incredible night sky. Apparently it was also a "Blue Moon" being the second full moon in the month and also a very rare one, being on the last day of the year (and also of the decade). Hence, once in a blue moon.
I remember as a child in England, we also had the tradition of the tall dark haired man being first to enter the house after midnight, with a piece of coal etc. We continued it after we went to NZ.
Happy New Year to you Pal, and to Katherine & Delwyn and all your Blog readers. :-)

Katherine said...

I think that everyone should be outside on the stroke of midnight. They should then all link arms and sing "The Gumboot Song" and then the man with the thickest neck should lead the way wearing a piece of Pohutakawa blossom (or leaves if no blossom is to be had) behind his left ear and holding a chainsaw* in one hand and a glass of Cab. Sav. (or milk) in the other.

I hope you picked up on all the symbolism.

*No doubt that some Chinese factory somewhere can be induced to produce thousands of miniature plastic chainsaws that will be used for this purpose if a real one is not available.

Alden Smith said...

Kathryn, "Hence, once in a blue moon." -- I didn't know that! Isn't it amazing that we use lots of sayings like that without ever giving the origin a thought!
I wonder what the origin of the tradition you mention:

"the tall dark haired man being first to enter the house after midnight, with a piece of coal"

I like traditions, they provide a sense of continuity and balance in an ever changing world.

Alden Smith said...

Katherine, I think this ritual you have created is a stroke of genius.
I think you should enshrine it in one of your magnificent paintings, have it photolithographed a few million times and sold to the stampeding hordes - my initial request for a ritual will of course make me a multimillionare and I will be able to complete my lifes work by purchasing the Heinekin Beer Factory.