Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiku - Walden Pond





Delwyn said...

Hi Alden

I love the subtle messages in this haiku. I have been trying the tanka Dan illustrated recently.

Happy days

Alden Smith said...

Yes. The line in the haiku about the wind for some reason reminded me of some lines from John's Gospel Jn(3:8) "The wind blows where it pleases; you can hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone who is born of the spirit."

The Haiku asking if the wind "knows" and the idea that the "wind blows where it pleases" shows I think, the human tendency to anthropomorphize.

Dan Gurney said...

Lovely, lovely. Is that a photo of Walden Pond itself?

I've been thinking a bit lately about the nature of knowing. It seems the farther along I go, the less I really know. And the more I don't know.

I look forward to reading Delwyn's Tanka when it appears, like blossoms in early spring.

Alden Smith said...

Dan, yes its a photograph of Walden Pond that I got off the internet. The Autumn colors are very beautiful aren't they?!

The 'Nature of Knowing' is a big topic - here is something to whet your appetite, go to:


Read the essay - you will be tested on Monday (No multi choice questions, all lengthy essay answers, bring your own Biro pen please).

Janice said...

You tack into Fall
while we lean into Spring
Upside-down the seasons!

Alden Smith said...

Janice, at the moment we are blazing into summer while you are dog sledding into winter, yes upside down it is!

Janice said...

Dogsledding? I live in the banana belt of BC, and we are heading into Spring very rapidly. The geese here don't even bother to head south, it's so warm! I'm sending you a link to a powerpoint presentation that has some amazing pictures of winter, in places that are not here:
Sniezne i lodowe pejzaze.pps (6630KB)
Makes me glad I live in the balmy latitudes!

Anonymous said...

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Alden Smith said...

Janice - the BANANA belt of BC? - THE BANANA BELT OF BC!!!? Is that balmy latitudes or balmy latitudes?

Alden Smith said...

Thankyou Anonymous, I hope you will take the time to visit again -Kind regards to you.

Janice said...

Alden - did not comprehend your last reply, please explain!

Daniel Dragomirescu said...

Interesting and nice blog.
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Alden Smith said...

Janice I am not going to explain. Please consider my comment as a Zen Buddhist saying e.g. - What is the sound of one hand clapping? - this is the task I am setting you as your mentor and Guru - Meditate on my words and get back to me with the answer soon please.

Alden Smith said...

Daniel, thankyou for visiting my blog and your comments. I will be taking the opportunity to visit yours :-)

Alden Smith said...

Thankyou for your encouragement Anonymous. I hope you continue to visit and comment. :-)

Janice said...

Perhaps, oh my Guru, YOU did not comprehend MY response! Although we do not, in fact, grow bananas here,
we do have the odd palm tree, and it is, actually, quite balmy this year, in spite of the rain.

No sails have unfurled,
but the wind blows a promise,
the sound of one hand...

Hope this clears up any confusion!

Janice said...

He is here one day,
the next he is not; has he
fallen in the pond?

日月神教-向左使 said...